Time for Your Annual A/C Inspection

Now that spring has finally come to the Fort Collins area, it is a good time to do some maintenance around your home and during the process, you should go ahead and schedule your annual A/C inspection. By scheduling it now, rather than at the beginning of summer, you can avoid your contractor’s busy season and make sure that your air conditioner is operating correctly before you actually need it. During the annual A/C inspection, your contractor should perform the following steps:

Annual A/C Inspection Checklist:

  • Clean or replace the air filter. This should also be done by you monthly during the cooling season.
  • Test the thermostat to make sure that it turns the system on and off at the correct temperatures and make sure that it is programmed correctly. Replace the batteries on battery-operated models.
  • Clean the indoor and outdoor coils, removing any dust buildups or debris that can reduce the system’s efficiency.
  • Tighten all electrical connections and clean any that are dirty or corroded. Check safety systems such as fuses, circuit breakers, disconnects and pressure switches for proper operation.
  • Measure the amperage and voltage of all motors in the system to make sure they are operating within the correct tolerances.
  • Lubricate the blower motor, blower fan and any other moving parts, including the motor’s bearings. Make sure the blower and its motor are clean, and that the belt is in good condition and that it is aligned correctly.
  • Clean the condensate drain to make sure water flows freely and cannot become stagnate, causing possible health issues.
  • Check the refrigerant levels and adjust, as needed.
  • Inspect the seal to the duct system and check the air ducts for any blockages that could impede air flow.
  • Start the system and run it for a while to check for problems. Check each room for proper air flow and temperature.

When you are ready to schedule your annual A/C inspection, or if you need repairs to your system, contact our certified A/C technicians at Balance Point Heating and Air Conditioning. We provide quality HVAC services to Fort Collins and nearby areas.

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