1 Reason For Choosing A Condensing Furnace

Furnace technology has come a long way over the years. Innovative features available today greatly advance home comfort and savings. Choosing a condensing furnace is one way to take advantage of recent innovations, especially if you’re aiming for lower energy bills. And while lowering utility costs may be your priority, choosing a condensing furnace affords another important benefit: increased home safety.

Whether your primary reason for choosing a condensing furnace is the energy savings or safety, it’s helpful to know how these systems operate. A condensing furnace works much like any other furnace, with two exceptions:

  • It uses a second heat exchanger – In a standard-efficiency furnace, one heat exchanger mixes air with fuel, a process that is subject to large amounts of heat loss. Condensing furnaces employ a second heat exchanger to capture wasted heat. During the heat-generation process, the condensing furnace is able to cool the exhaust gases, which causes water to condense. During vaporization, a significant amount of heat is generated, which the system captures to heat your home.
  • It uses sealed combustion – A standard furnace, like a condensing furnace, requires air for combustion, which it draws from inside your home. As a result, it uses heat you’ve already paid for, reusing it to generate more heat. A condensing furnace uses sealed combustion, drawing all of the air used for combustion from the outdoors. This enhances energy savings. It’s also a much safer process, eliminating the possibility of introducing carbon monoxide into your home — a problem with combustion furnaces that aren’t sealed.

Two other considerations are a must when you’re choosing a condensing furnace. Because the furnace cools the exhaust gases, inexpensive PVC piping can be used through a side-wall vent; however, these types of furnaces create a lot of condensation, so your home will have to accommodate a drainage system to safely and effectively remove condensation.

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